Grand Con

I will be appearing at Grand Con on Sunday only. Stop by with any Hi-Fi Early reader books for a free sketch. I’ll have prints available too. Stop on by and say hi!

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Freddy Print WIP





I started out in black and white for this one and tried out some of Sam Nielson’s painting methods with lighting and occlusion…I’m not sure I grasped it too well, but it was nice to shake things up.


Next version after agonising over color choices and adding a little rendering. It was reading as very dark…even for a Freddy piece, I thought.


Still too dark I think. Sketched in some ambient light and some rim lighting. Added a little more rendering as well. I need to give it a few more rendering passes and lighten it up before I can feel OK about calling it done.


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Iron Man Early Reader 2

Cover that I painted @HiFi Design.


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Grand Rapids Comic Con +

If anyone wants a free sketch; bring any Disney Worldwide or other Disney book that Hi-Fi Design has worked on to my table and I’ll hook you up! I will be attending Gran d Rapids Comic Con as well as others (dates to come soon!)


Some links to a few of the books we’ve done this year. Order early and bring them in!

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Grand Rapids Comic Con – Hulk Poster Finished



HULK_08 HULK_FIN HULK_FIN_8x11…and here’s the rest of the process. Had a blast doing this! There will be some more news in the following weeks about prints, etc.

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Hulk WIP 03


Re-wroked just a little….yep.


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Hulk WIP 02


Gotta get up
Gotta get out
Gonna be late
Got a big date


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GRCC Sketches

Some prelim sketches…hmmm….which one to go with?



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Grand Rapids Comic Con program

Mark Hodges just announced that I’ll be doing the program cover for the inaugural Grand Rapids Comic Con! I’m super stoked about this. I get to draw/ink/paint something!

I’ll be posting some in-process stuff as I go along since, apparently, I haven’t put up anything new since October. Fail!

Stay tuned!

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Happy Halloween everybody. Don’t let the Candy Demon rot your brain and teeth tonight!

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